Friday, April 28, 2006

Peanut Goes to the Movies; Mama almost gets to watch 'Friends with Money'

It was the first time I'd been to a movie since Peanut was born! We went to the Cry Baby Matinee at the Angelika Theaters at the Shops at Legacy.

Dr. Baby Proofer was on hand before the movie to answer questions about making your home safer and to promote his home baby proofing business.

There were about 40 moms and babies from infants to toddlers. Everyone looked prepared with their strollers, baby car seats, Bumbos, pack&plays and baby blankets. A changing table was available on the sidelines. Our group with strollers grabbed the middle level where there was lots of space for active ones to crawl and walk around in.

Once the movie began, they only ran 3 movie trailers - thank goodness! I thought we'd better get on with it since Peanut was not about to sit still for a movied PLUS 20 minutes of pre-show commericals. They kept the lights pretty low and the sound was reasonable.

Peanut was fascinated by the screen for about 20 mins. She sat in my laps nibbling, yes, CHEERIOS, apple slices and her veggie/pasta mix. Then, that was it, she wanted to explore. We spent the rest of the time mostly going up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs in the theater. I was working up quite a sweat! Peanut had a great time and occassionally I caught glimpses of the movie - at least enough to follow along. Someone did have to tell me how it ended as Peanut was cruising up and down one of the side corridors.

I wish I would have gone MONTHS ago when she was an infant and would most likely have slept!!

Another option is Reel Moms at Loews for more mainstream movies.

And for mamas in Helsinki, there is BabyBio

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