Saturday, August 20, 2005

Take baby to the movies

Moms or dads looking for a chance to enjoy a movie can now do it without leaving baby at home with a sitter. Join in on a Baby Movie session and bring the little with you to special viewings.

At the Baby Movies crying, talking, diapering, feeding, breastfeeding, moving about, etc, etc are OK and expected.

What's Playing

Check out the movies in the coming weeks.

In Helsinki and Turku, the Sandrew Metronome movie theaters offer 'babybio'.

In Helsinki:
every other Tuesdays at 10.30 am at Kinopalatsi 2

In Turku:
every other Tuesday at 13.00 at Kinopalatsi 1

In Helsinki also the Naperkino welcomes small moviergoers once a month to their showing during the Fall. The movies are held on Fridays from 10 - 12.

A few hints for baby movie goers:
> the front rows are intended for babies already crawling
> try getting up if baby is not happy sitting - walking up and down the stairs can be soothing
> you can enjoy the movie in almost any position you & baby want - sitting, standing, walking

Story in Helsingin Sanomat

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