Thursday, February 16, 2006

What do you do: Natural cures vs. strong drugs

From YLE News in Finland....

A debate is brewing over the use of strong drugs in treating children's ailments. Many parents are turning to more natural remedies to find relief for their children. For their part, doctors support the use of medical alternatives in minor medical cases, but they say that potent medicines will always have a role in treating more serious diseases.

To my own surprise, with Peanut I've found myself leaning towards exploring the natural options in many areas. A few examples.
> I've opted to look to organic foods and produce when I prepare her food - especially in meats. Though I haven't done any indepth research, I have the sense that many pesticides & chemicals are used in argiculture nowadays. As a baby, Peanut eats proportionally more veggies & fruits than we do so I worry about it all passing to her little developing system.
> I would rather avoid medications until they are truly neccessary. The few times Peanut has had a fever, I waited until she showed discomfort before giving her a fever reducer.
> For bathtime, we're trying California Baby products because their supposed to be gentler for her and in the making.

The Nature Child (Luonnonlapsi) organization referenced in the article has a lengthy list of links to natural baby sites by topic.

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Maiju said...

I've also found out that organic food tastes better normally. I read a study about a year ago that showed that organic food has health effects that can't be understood yet. It seems that all the vitamins and nutritions are formed in organic food so that it effects people healthier than just having those vitamins etc. in other forms.

I think it's a good choice to eat organic food even though it costs a little bit more.