Thursday, February 16, 2006

And for you, little madame, on the menu tonight....

Peanut just enjoyed her first real restaurant meal at Red Lobster a few days shy of her 10 month birthday.

It was a family-friendly place where we pulled her high chair up to the table and rolled out her TinyDiner portable place mat from Kiddopotamus. The place mat was also out for its first meal and worked wonderfully. Peanut was very curious about and tried to pull it up from the table, but as soon as the newness passed she let it lay flat. The catch-all trough was one of the best features - though there was still plenty of baby mess under the table when we left.

Peanut began the evening with an appetizer of Cherrios and sliced banana (not from Red Lobster :-) )

Then the main entrees came from mama's plate - some grilled flounder, steamed broccoli and carrots and bits of baked potato with grated cheddar cheese. I thought they might be a bit salty for her so we gave her some extra water. Next time, I'll request the veggies sans seasoning.

Alas - no dessert for any of us!

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