Monday, February 06, 2006

Ahh... no more bib laundry

Up to now, I'd been using cloth bibs for Peanut. After each meal, they were a complete mess with little chunks of food stuck on them and Peanut's clothes. Her sippy cup drink is still in training phase so often the entire front of her body would be soaked as she dumped the cup on herself and it went right through the bib.

No more!

I finally got a Baby Bjorn Soft Bib for her. Its wonderful and looks so cute! The fit is snug and easily adjustable. It protects more of her than our other bibs did. Easy to clean with just a rinse and always ready for the next meal.

Peanut also likes to fish out the droppings from the catch-all scoop :-)

Available from Target
and many online shops.

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