Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Lorax

Perhaps it was reading classic Dr. Suess The Lorax that started me thinking about our environmental impact. Then, I just happened across the China edition of National Geographic and thought how similar the images in the tales were - though one was as real as the other fanciful.

I still clearly see myself in a classroom at Gulf Breeze Elementary as the lights are switched off and the projector started up for a viewing of The Lorax. Its always been one of my favorite stories.

A few months ago I found out that Dr. Suess spent many years here in San Diego (in La Jolla). When you see the wondrous purple and red flower-filled trees, plants of all shapes and sizes, you have to wonder how much the scenery here influenced him. I don't find it too far-fetched.

Peanut sits quietly as we read The Lorax. She stops me to ask where the bears, birds and fish go. And Why Mama? Why do they go? I try to explain that we have to share the trees, fields, sky and waters with the animals and take care not to use too much ourselves.

Lorax in Suessville.

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