Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Google'd the babysitter

On the list of things to do when we move is to find a new babysitter. That's a tough task because I don't want just some totally random person. I want someone who comes recommended by someone, and that means I first have to meet and get to know that first someone.

Here in San Diego, I lucked into TWO babysitters in one day! Just amazing!

The local high school has a child development program that I happened to learn about when on my grand tour of local preschools. I figured its a good place to start.

When I called the director, she wasn't very optimistic that anyone would answer my posting on her bulletin board. Most of the students have other jobs, she told me. On the other hand, she also told me that the going rate is $10/hour. Not too shabby!

So, two girls from the program responded. I was able to get a reference from the child development program director and then I decided to Google them.

And, look for them on MySpace and Facebook.

No wild stories came up. No drunken, half-naked party shots with sleeping or dancing toddlers in the background. Actually, nothing exceptional at all. Neither were on MySpace. Both were in Facebook with nice photos. One of the girls is evidently into drama as her name came up on a couple of local theater billets.

I feel better.

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