Wednesday, February 06, 2008

50% Chance

Peanut is a clothes horse and loves to dress, undress, dress, partially undress, partially dress, etc, etc herself.

I've arranged a few piles in her drawer of pants (which are NEVER touched), skirts (which are always in short supply), t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts for her to make her own combinations. Usually they don't match in the usual sense, but since virtually everything is a variant of pink, its not that far off.

The funniest part is that everything seems to be put on backwards. Always.

Starting with her underwear. And, ending with her shoes.

We've talked about how tags go in the back and she even searches for the tags, but opts to put them in the front. With shoes, we've talked about putting the flowers on the outside and she knows, but they always end up on the inside.

Shouldn't there really be a 50/50 chance of her clothes sometimes facing the right direction?? Somehow the rules of statistics don't seem to apply to toddler dressing.

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