Thursday, October 25, 2007

Go Sox!

This place is just nuts about its baseball team -- especially now that the Boston Red Sox are in the world series against the Denver Rockies!
Ever since we moved here in mid-May, it was not uncommon to see people all around town sporting a Sox t-shirt, sweatshirt, baseball cap, tattoos, etc on game day. I remember the first time we were at the library for storytime and half the moms there were in Sox-wear!
I thought Dallas would have been a hotbed for supporters of its home teams, after all, the Cowboys are legendary, too and Texas is certainly a state where towns live & breath by the football season schedule. But, the displays here put those fans to shame!
When we took our Duck Boat tour of the city, our driver/captain could hardly get a sentence or two out before he had to refer to the greatest baseball team - ever. And, anyone who dared to identify themselves as a Yankees fan was offered a special view of the Charles River....a very up close and personal view.
Go Sox!

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The Tennis Hacker said...

Come back to Texas.