Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's that steam-pipe-smokestack thing on a train called?

More than once in the past weeks I've found myself fumbling for a word when Peanut points to something in her Thomas the Train book or the pages in her Richard Scarry's Things That Go. Beyond the bulldozer and forklift, I'm clueless as to the differences among all those big, yellow machines. There's the cherry-picker, the dump truck, the trash truck, the thing that crushes rocks for roads, that other thing that paves roads and then there's the mysterious one with the long crane.

Thomas and pals have been her latest obsession and my train-related vocab is really not up to the test! Since most all of Peanut's toys ended up in storage instead of our temporary apartment, a friend was kind enough to loan us some of her son's Thomas Lego's and Thomas himself. Since he arrived, Peanut's barely let him out of her sight. He even has to come to bed with her in the evening.....

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