Friday, June 01, 2007

Shown around Boston by New Yorkers

Memorial Day weekend we headed into the city of Boston to take a tour as some friends from New York were in town.

We loved it! Boston is a very green, open and walkable city. The NYers compared as the "country-cousin" of the Big Apple.

The sidewalks even had enough space to roll with our Baby Truck comfortably. When Peanut was done sitting, she could easily walk along side us without getting trampled or underfoot of the others.

Though this being a big city, Baby Trucks were not the hot, hip strollers. Virtually every family rolled with a Bugaboo or Maclaren.

We walked up Newbury Street with its fashion boutiques and restaurants to the Boston Common. On through the Common by the Swan Boats and the Frog Pond before looping back.

The next day, we checked out a small part of Cambridge and had a lovely brunch outside the gates of Harvard University. Cambridge is a world unto itself with leafy boulevards and unique home fronts. The streets were filled with a younger crowd - though we certainly weren't the only ones with little ones along.

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