Thursday, February 08, 2007

To melt your heart

Last night I was struck with a craving for a milkshake. After dinner, we asked Peanut if she'd like a milkshake, too.

"Yea, milkshake" was the quick reply and she dashed off to get her stuff ready for the car. Peanut has started saying 'yea' to questions and requests. Not 'yes', but 'yea'. I guess that shows how I speak most of the time :-) I'm not sure the last time we went out for milkshakes, but its not very often. Evidently, it was a monumental event for Peanut since she kept repeating 'milkshake' and trying to rush us out the door.

The local Jack in the Box is our shake supplier when we don't want to get out of the car and go into an ice cream shop.

I poured a little bit of shake into a cup for Peanut and papa passed it to her in the back seat. We drove off to head home.

A while later from the back seat comes a little voice "thank you, papa". Followed soon by a "Pia (as Peanut calls herself) happy". I'd never heard anything so sweet in my life - I could feel the tears swell up in my eyes.

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