Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time out, please!

As Peanut nears her second birthday, she in typical toddler fashion is exerting her own will and checking her parents to see if all those pesky boundaries still hold true from day to day.

So, we've introduced the concept of "time-outs" at our house. We don't have a special chair or place, Peanut just either stands with her back against the wall or sits in one of the kitchen chairs tucked into a corner. Pooh bear is not allowed to go with her. She's not allowed to suck her thumb or twirl her hair -- her two favorite comfort activities -- when in time out. Mama & papa don't respond to her. She just has to wait it out until the kitchen timer beeps. Sounds like a pretty dreary place to me!

But, 'time out' still is somehow too fun as Peanut willingly asks for and goes to time out! Its like we're stuck in some Brair Rabbit trick!

For example, just this afternoon, Peanut pointed to the kitchen time out corner and asked "pia, time out?" not having done anything to deserve time there. Since I refused, she went over to her little table and chairs, and climbed up to stand on her chair. All the while looking at me, knowing she's not to climb on her chairs. Fully upright, she hopefully asks again "pia, time out!?"

Yes, this time you get to go to time out.

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