Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sweet & Sassy Cutie Cut

Today Peanut went for her first real haircut.

Until now we'd been trimming at home - mostly on the increasingly rare occasions when she fell asleep in the car we'd bring her in and put her into her unused feeding chair and attempt a bang snipping. Then, there have been the random clumps we've had to cut out from the back when she twirls her hair into an impossible to open knot. Anyway, her hair was getting pretty wild so it was time to call in the pros.

There are several hair places that cater strictly to kids around here:
A haircutting place within the Stride Rite store on Macarthur/Round Grove in Lewisville though I've only heard of negative experiences from moms about this location.

Another place also on Round Grove in Lewisville across from Gymboree. This one has gotten much more positive reviews.

Cool Cuts for Kids with tips on how to make that first appointment a good experience.

Peanut went to Sweet & Sassy in Southlake where they offer much more than just haircuts. You can book the place for little girly parties and opt for a mini-manis and mini-pedis! We went in as soon as they opened in the morning so it was quiet.

Peanut got situated in a toddler-sized barber stool and had a sparkly pink wrap snapped around her neck. Pooh bear was safely situated underneath. The whole cut took all of 10 mins. A few spritzes of water and snips here & there. A dusting of glitter spray completed the styling. Peanut even got a glitter star put on her cheek and selected a lollipop on her way out :-)

The stylist was very child friendly and has a 15 month old herself so she knew how to talk to Peanut and keep her calm. I opted for a regular "Cutie Cut" ($13.95) rather than the "Baby's First Haircut" package which would have include an official photo, certificate and locket of hair for $19.95.

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