Thursday, January 04, 2007

More FOOD!

While on the topic of munching and food -- a favorite of all pregnant women, I'm sure -- we've been trying to get out to eat more frequently since it'll all be a distant dream once Tex arrives.

Peanut's papa and I had an amazing lunch date at the Seoul Garden off Royal Lane. From the outside it looks as if you are pulling up to a half-abandoned strip mall, but the lack of available parking gives a hint as to what's inside. Delicious and abundant Korean dishes. The interior was just shockingly modern, clean and efficient compared to what was outside. I had to get a bowl of dol-sot bi-bim-bap; its nothing fancy, but sooooo good on a cool winter afternoon.

Later that week, Peanut joined us for lunch at the Pho Republic in Irving. The waiter kindly sat us next to the fish tank so Peanut could keep somewhat busy while we enjoyed their Vietnamese dishes. So fresh, so light, just so tasty!

To close out 2006 baby-sitting season, Peanut's papa & I had a Friday night dinner date at The Keg Steakhouse and Bar. OK, we went there because they sent us Happy Birthday cards that offered a steak and lobster dinner -- yes, the entire dinner! We enjoyed a very crisp and fresh calamari appetizer, meat-meat-meat main dishes and a whopping piece of cheesecake for dessert. A few dishes came out cold (shrimp on the side and dessert coffee), but they didn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the evening.

When Auntie Em was visiting, she wanted to try out some down-home Texas-style BBQ. We're no experts, but had a good and no-frills lunch at Bartley's BBQ in Grapevine. Go for the rib platter!

Also in December, Peanut's papa & I ventured into the Big D for a dinner at Ferre Ristorante e Bar. It was the least satisfying of our outings. Our timing was poor in trying to reach the restaurant on Friday evening at 6.00 pm from the suburbs - traffic was just hitting its high point. Once in, I really appreciated the ambiance of a restaurant that was not a cookie cutter chain. Sadly, the food was not as tempting as the setting. Everything was just a bit off for our tastes -- a little too salty or a little too much pasta sauce.

We still have another month or two to try out some new places and I'm looking forward to every bite.

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