Friday, January 26, 2007

Aspiring dancer

A friend has lent us her copy of Miss Christy's Dance Adventure DVD last week. Its a tap, ballet and jazz follow-along program for 2 - 6 year olds according to the packaging. We thought we'd pop it in and see what Peanut thought.

The first time around, mama & papa danced (or tried to) along while Peanut watched on. I found the pace very fast and the teacher moved quickly from one step to another. As a little girl, I also had about 8 years of ballet, tap and jazz classes and found myself at a loss as to what was happening! I had forgotten all about flap's and tendu's, but managed to recall the five positions of ballet - and still I could barely keep up!

Today, about a week after the first viewing, Peanut suddenly wants to watch the 'dancing babies'. She sits down and takes it in while I finish cleaning up after lunch. I come back into the living room to find her standing and trying to shuffle her feet! Amazing! She didn't try to follow every move, but enjoyed the music and every once in a while would hop, jump, kick or get her beach ball out like the small dancers on the video.

I think it also helped she had just gotten a very frilly tutu skirt from Once Upon A Child. Made of teal tutu material filled with flowers and held in place by a silky purple bow, Peanut looked the part.

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