Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ABCD, where is the off switch!

Peanut got all sorts of wonderful gifts from her relatives & friends for Christmas. She spotted the wrapped presents under the tree right away on Christmas morning and we had to pace her opening them through the day to make sure each got the attention it deserved. Not to mention that we had already opened several on Christmas Eve. We figured its the Finnish way so no rules broken :-)

It seems that the toys which sing, beep and bleep all must also play the Alphabet Song. You know, A B C D E F G...etc.... Its a catchy tune. Its educational. It can also drive parents nuts when you just can't stop running through the letters as you try to drift off to sleep! I can't be too harsh though. In the past week, Peanut has started singing the song to herself and now gets all the way to H I J, seemingly adding a letter each day.

But, I still think one of the greatest advances in electronic toys must be the volume and on/off switches. So now, Puppy can go to sleep. The Bandwagon can go to sleep. The singing cow can go to sleep. And, so can mama & papa.

Some of Peanut's favorite new toys are the Aquadoodle mat, Parent's brand Animal Hospital (from Target), Fisher Price Puppy, massive rocking bear and borrowed shopping cart!

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