Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reaching for pregnancy nirvana

I've been a closet yoga -ist for over 5 years now. I'm the type to pop in the VCR tape or DVD, roll out my mat in front of the TV and just practice at home. I'll be devoted for weeks and then months can go by without a single downward facing dog or mountain pose.

Back in Finland, I did enjoy the Friday afternoon Power Stretch session hosted in the basement/fall-out shelter of the Nokia Research Center. But, once I moved to NHO, it was just me and the TV again.

With Peanut, I picked up Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga DVD. There were three ladies - one for each trimester - in all the segments showing how to modify the movements as your body changed. Before I got there myself, I always felt so sorry for Poppy, the woman in her third trimester, who ended up sitting for half the poses.

The program was really an energy booster and made me feel much more comfortable with all the changes taking place. Who knows what impact it had on the actual delivery, but I diligently practiced my kegels and yogic squats in hopes of preparing myself.

I've now dusted it off again and try to get in two sessions a week while Peanut is at Baby School. Its not quite as soothing as the first time around. My body is much achier and doesn't appreciate the stretches as much. Perhaps its just a matter of persistence.

If you can get your S.O. into it, there is a nice segment on pregancy massage techniques!

I didn't use or enjoy the Postnatal Yoga DVD as much. And, after a couple of months, I was back to the regular workout version.

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