Friday, October 27, 2006

Property of Peanut

Does anyone have a solution to the labeling of your child's stuff?

Now that Peanut is in baby school and regularly hangs out with a group of other toddlers, I have a need to have her sippy cups, plates, spoons/forks, etc. labeled with her name. Ideally, the label should be different enough from the other children's labels so I can see from across the room if she is drinking from her cup or her friends. Also, the labels would be dishwasher safe.

I currently just use pieces of freezer tape and handwrite her name with a permanent marker. Not pretty. And, not very practical since I have to re-do it every time. They have been easy to distinguish though.

I found several companies that sell labels, but wonder if they are really so durable:
Mables Lables
Name Stickers
Label It or Lose It

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