Thursday, October 26, 2006

No, Bau-bu!

"No, Bau-BU! No!" cries out Peanut when our cat Mauku tries to sneak out the door or climb on the sofa or gets too close to her Pooh Bear.

"No, Bau-bu!" says Peanut in a commanding tone as she lifts her leg up to nudge an awaiting Mauku aside when we come in through the garage door to the kitchen.

"Tii-tu, No!" a stern Peanut says as our other cat Miuku puts a paw on the kitchen table. BAM! goes Peanuts little hand on the table to startle Miuku into obedieance.

"Bau-BU! Bau-BU!" we hear Peanut yell as she chases Mauku across the living room.

I think Peanut's mama & papa need to work on using a gentler tone of voice when talking to the kitties and focus more on showing how to also be kind and loving towards Miuku & Mauku.


Rowan said...

Poor Miuku and Mauku. :) Seems like they have a sergeant on their kitty behinds! :D

Peanut's Mom said...

No kidding! At least someone in the house is trying to discipline the kitties :-)