Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Its time for belly oil again

As my belly begins to swell with Tex, I've been looking forward to using my belly oil again. I picked up a bottle while we were in the Netherlands though it seems you can find it in the US as well with a little work.

Weleda, a German company specializing in natural products, makes the Pregnancy Body Oil I love so much. It just smells so delicious and I swear it makes my belly warm and tingly.

I found it in the apteeki in Finland when I went to look for a refill for my Palmer's lotion. There weren't many lotions so I decided to give it a try. I was pretty skeptical of a body oil at first thinking it would be greasy and messy. It wasn't and the warmth it generated (I'm sure it does!!!!) felt extra wonderful during the frigid winter mornings and evenings. Whether or not it helped with my skin - who knows - I didn't have any stretch marks and felt reasonably comfortable in my skin even as Peanut grew to her largest size.

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