Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Avoid the "Terrible Threes"

According to the Dr. Sear's latest book "The healthiest kid in the neighborhood" - the "terrible threes" to avoid in foods for you toddlers are:
  1. high-fructose corn syrup
  2. hydrogenated oils, or "trans fats"
  3. Any color additive with a number symbol attached to it (e.g., blue#1, yellow #5, red #40)

High Fructose Corn Syrup has been on my hit list for some time already, but it is hard to avoid! Insidious! In just about everything save for water. I know sugar isn't great for you, but at least I know that. The "sugar free" lable on so many foods should sound alarm bells rather than tempting you to reach for this supposedly healthier food.

Hydrogenated oils are also very common in many foods as are the color additives he lists. Even though we try to be aware of what the food we eat contains and try to make healthy choices, it isn't easy to find processed foods (including such things as pasta, breads, pasta sauce, waffles, vitamins, salad dressing and other everyday staples I won't be making anytime soon) without these three ingredients. They are cheap for manufacturers to include in foods and so they will continue to do it. I am encouraged though by the growing number of organic products available from local grocery stores and even Wal-mart and Target. You still pay a premium, but its just a matter of economic laws taking hold to bring the prices and costs down.


Ace said...

Are you a follower of Dr Sears too?

My wife has been a big fan of AP and has read a few of his books.


Peanut's Mom said...

Hi Asa - how's your cute little girl doing?

I wouldn't call myself a follower of Dr. Sears any more than I would call myself a follower of the 'BabyWise' camp, though I have read and applied advice from both. And, they are just two among many other sources I check for information. Sometimes Sears works, sometimes he doesn't.

We just try to do what seems to work for Peanut in each individual situation.