Tuesday, July 25, 2006


We've been roasting over the past weeks here in Texas with temps finally dropping "down" into the mid-90s F. Let me tell you, it feels great! So refreshing! Cool, even!

In the midst of the peak temperatures of around 105 F, our air conditioning went out. On a Saturday evening. It just seemed to be getting warmer and warmer around the house. Then, I dared to suggest that the A/C died....a thought no one wants to really entertain when no relief was in sight.

Sure enough the outside unit was silent as a sun-crisped cricket shell.

The home warranty service promised to call us on MONDAY morning to set a time for a repair man to come out. Not for a repair to come out on Monday, but to set a "mutually convinient" time for a repair to come out.

I suggested this required emergency repairs since it was so hot, we have a toddler, under a heat advisory, etc...According to the warranty co, an emergency repair can be ordered ONLY when its 105F - at the very moment you call! Nevermind if its been that hot that day or will be the next day. Nevermind if your very own reliable Biltema digital thermometer shows that its 104, if weather.com doesn't show 105F, tough luck. Get ready to roast.

We opted to install window A/C units in our bedroom and living room rather than evacuating to a hotel since with Peanut + 2 kitties, it would be no fun for anyone.

We draped the thickest curtains we could find in doorways, closed off no-critical rooms, dropped all the shades and sacrificied our Finnish darkening curtains to make covers for west facing windows. Anything that gave off heat was a no-no... no toaster, no oven, no stove, no coffee maker. Thank goodness for microwave meals. And, friends who offered fans, guest bedrooms and numbers to their favorite repair men.

It brought it down to a toasty 88F for the afternoons in the main living area. Our bedroom was an oasis of 76F.

Finally, five days later the A/C unit was whirring again pushing blissfully chilled air throughout the home.

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