Monday, July 10, 2006

Moses Law to help save abandoned babies

The fact that something like the Moses Law exists in Texas and 45 other states is a sad thought:
The statute – the first of its kind in the nation – lets mothers leave healthy babies up to 60 days old at a hospital, fire station or other medical emergency facility, with no questions asked and no fear of prosecution.
Though I often support laws that seem to condone undesirable behavior, like abandoning babies, if they are created to deal with the reality of the situation and try to alleviate the consequences of the behavior.

Ideal would be to find ways to prevent the behavior in the first place, but the truth is that sometimes pregnancies are unwanted and sometimes the parents don't feel as if they have any options because of social or financial constraints. Or, they are just unprepared to deal with the responsibilities of their actions.

Over the weekend, the Dallas Morning News reported on two cases of newborns being abandoned: one in a public bathroom and the another on the hood of a car. Both just horrifying thoughts! Unfortunately, the Moses Law in Texas has had only minimal success. It seems those most likely to abandon a baby are unaware of it.

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Maiju said...

Life is so sad many times! My older daughter's class mate is a chinese girl who was found in the trash can. It is so hard to think that how can someone abandon their own child when my own children are so dear to me. Well, as you said the reality for others is so different than to me. I don't judge the people but I wish that we could build this world to be a good place to live to everyone. Fortunately there are people who are working to make it happen and people who wants to have those abandoned babies and rase them as their own.