Monday, June 05, 2006

What a difference a year makes!

Even if its officially closer to 14 mos at our place since Peanut entered our lives, there seems to be a definite border crossed at the one year mark - for the moms, I mean.

I see it in all the mamas in our playgroups: everyone is looking more slender each week, there is less nursing going on, a crying baby still gets looks of concern, but not confusion/panic, and mamas are even wearing make-up and fixing their hair! We've passed some bump on the learning curve and perhaps are looking for a balance of pre-baby and post-baby life.

I haven't made any efforts to diet or exercise beyond some walking each week and find myself fitting back into most pre-preg clothes -- not all since my hips are now permanently a bit wider :-). The extra weight isn't all gone, but that's OK, I can use a little more padding. But, most importantly, I feel good about my body nowadays. I appreciate the new curves, I understand how to keep my back from hurting and I don't feel the need to be exactly as I was.

Peanut and I have also developed a strong connection so we're both more secure in who's doing what and what it means. I know when she really needs attention and when she's just testing. I can judge when she's headed for trouble to help avert it or to be on hand to deal with the consequences. I know she's a strong little lady who isn't so fragile a little bump will damage her. And, Peanut knows when she needs me, I'm close at hand.

Because we've worked out better how we spend our day, I find a few extra moments in the morning to think about what would be fun to wear, try on some eye-liner and even ... on rare occassions ... put on different earrings or even (gasp!) a necklace!!

These are just small nods to a time before Peanut came. I know that life won't return and I'm not sure what I'd do with it if it did. But, its fun and important to take the time to blend in what you can.

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