Thursday, June 22, 2006

Study: Finnish households spend 1,600 euros on holiday

Its nearly Midsummer - the kick off for the summer holiday season in Finland! According to a recent survey by Nordea bank in Finland:

More than half of Finnish households have made plans for their summer holiday. On average, the households plan to spend 1,600 euros (about 2,000 USD) on their holiday, according to a Nordic survey conducted by Nordea at the end of May. More than 1,000 Finns were interviewed in the survey.

The majority of Finnish households plan to spend their holiday in Finland. Every tenth household is planning to travel in the other Nordic countries and nearly every third household in other European countries. Finns travel abroad distinctly less often than people in the other Nordic countries.
That seems like a large amount of money to spend by families who are staying in Finland. I imagine most of them will go to their family summer cottages where life can be relatively inexpensive or similar to the cost of staying home. There maybe some special outtings and some sightseeing, but I don't know where the additional spending may take place.

Then again, its an average so perhaps the costs of travel to European countries is bringing the figure up overall.

A report in the 2001 issue of Travel Weekly showed that in the US:

The big spenders in this regard are families with only older children – they spend more per diem and more overall. Last year, these consumers spent, on average, nearly $213 per day, and their total average travel expenditure for the year was $2,767. Families with small children had the lowest annual travel expenditure, $2,103, but their per diem spending compares favorably, at a little more than $191 daily.

Families with no children at home spent a healthy $2,679 on travel last year, but their per diem costs were the lowest of the group, at just over $157 daily

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