Thursday, June 01, 2006

Peanut awarded ribbon for 'Water Acclimation'

Its her first ribbon! I'm proud of her - our little Peanut already collecting ribbons ;-)

We just completed a baby swim class with Emler Swim School in Colleyville with a couple of Peanut's other playmates. It was a fun experience for us - she enjoyed playing in the water and I became very comfortable with her in the water which were really my main reasons for joining.

We chose Emler because the baby class there also included some water 'survival' skills - some underwater breath control (ie, not sucking in water), hanging onto the side of the pool and learning to look for mama in case baby falls in. I don't think Peanut's ready to hit the pool by herself, but now I know some fun ways to spend time in the pool with her. Plus she's no longer annoyed by water pouring on her head so shampoo-time is easier and she even enjoys the occassional shower with us.

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