Friday, June 09, 2006

Lions & Tigers & no bears...

Peanut visited the Dallas Zoo for the first time with a couple of play friends last week. It was a nice, cool less than 90F day so we thought we'd better go before the heat of summer really arrived.

I'm not sure that Peanut knew exactly what this place was or what the creatures behind the cages were, but some of the bigger animals did catch her eye - the elephants, the giraffes, the lions (ie, giant kitty cats) and some of the birds. I think best of all she liked to see the piegons and squirrels - just like the ones we have at home :-)

The Zoo was a stroller-friendly place and not too busy. The only place with a real crowd was the Meridian Cafe where we stopped for lunch. Blissfully air conditioned, but with VERY SLOW service.

A special children's zoo will probably be lots of fun for Peanut & friends once they are a bit older. I was disappointed that the petting zoo part consisted of overly-friendly goats behind a fence and the bunny rabbit held in a box in a zoo employees lap.

We ended the day on the 20-minute monorail ride around the Wilds of Africa. We were in our own compartment with just two other people. Peanut was interested for like 10 minutes; then I had to just try to keep her relatively still. We could have probably skipped on this part or taken the ride when the little ones were still calmer. Also, by this time in the afternoon it was pretty hot and the air didn't really circulate in the monorail carts. Strollers were convienently parked at the boarding ramp where we returned to when the ride was over.

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