Monday, June 19, 2006

Finally! A bag that carries diapers & makes mama happy!

When Peanut was born, I started out by using my Marimekko backpack as the diaper bag. In Finland, where Peanut's Mutsy stroller and the heel-toe-express were our main method of transportation, it was the easiest bag to use. We were always long distances from home so the bag had it all. My hands remained free, the backpack easily went everywhere and it didn't have cutesy flowers, teddy bears or frills on it. Indeed, it was just black.

But, it would get heavy (yes, I know, a result of the amount of crap I loaded into it) and made my shoulders ache. My wallet didn't fit in the front. It just had one big inside pocket so finding stuff was a hassle.

When we moved to Dallas, I was moving Peanut in and out of the car all the time. I didn't need to have kit&kaboodle with me on every trip. I was also a bit wiser as to what we really needed to have with us. So, I wanted to try something new. I started pulling bags out of my closet still convinced that I didn't need a 'diaper bag' just a bag to carry diapers!

I went small. I tried an old travel sling bag. Diapers went where guide books used to. Diaper wipes tucked in next to them. Antiseptic hand cleaner where I used to keep the next roll of film. A small spoon and jar of baby food took the place of travel snacks. It was OK, but I really had more stuff than a bag like that was designed to hold. It bulged big and bulky on my side. When I leaned over to pick Peanut up out of the car, it would slide down and things would tumbled out. Not working.

Back to Marimekko! I then tried a tote bag I had in the closet. It was cute, all my stuff fit, it was summery! But, it was just one giant hole again where it was impossible to sort anything quickly. Peanut's sippy cups would topple over and leak......this experiment lasted about 3 weeks.

Mother's Day was approaching. I figured it was about time I caved in and bought something called a 'diaper bag'. After being overwhelmed by the mountains of choices out there, I settled on a sling tote from Fluerville. Ahhhhhh..... I should've done this a loooonnnng time ago. Not too many pockets on the inside - just four - just right. Two outside pockets - one with fleece lining great for sunglasses and a mini-pockets so I can actually find my cell phone! Great caribiner key chain clip. Nifty o-rings to drape off stroller handles. Plastic exterior. A detachable and padded shoulder strap. Not too big. Not too small.

It was even once mistaken for a purse!!!!!

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