Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mutsy Week on Daddy Types!

Daddy Types blog gives the fantabulous Mutsy some well-deserved airtime usually reserved for the better-known Quinny and Bugaboo with Mutsy Week:

Crown Prince Haakon Of Norway Drives A Mutsy!!

Mutsy: Hold The Mutsaert

Mutsy, Michael Schumacher, & Maneuverability

I Forgot To Tell You: There's No Thursday In Mutsy Week

Mutsy Mutsy Spider Is Waiting To Come Out

Our Mutsy is still out rolling across the plains of Texas, or at least the walking trails of Coppell. Peanut still fits perfectly in her comfortable SUV ride. The duffle bag kept her warm during the brief and occassionally chilly winter and the hood helps to keep the sun out of her eyes. I often flip her around mid-trip so she's turned away from the sun - the peek-a-boo window at the top let's me make sure that her stuffed animal remains along for the entire ride.

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