Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Could Peanut's Mom be the next Avon, Tupperware, Southern Home Living, MaryKay, etc, etc Lady?

Probably not, but the thought has crossed my mind. Now thinking back on it, I'm not sure where I thought I'd get the time or energy for something like that.

I put out a few posts on some mother discussion boards and the answers to my question about such a business were either:
  • A. Yes, you too can do it. Thanks to my job with X, I was able to make enough money to stay at home with my dear son/daughter. Just get in touch with me and I'll help get you started!
  • B. I have just recently escaped the clutches of such an cult, i mean organization - don't do it. You won't earn any money, you'll spend more than you make on inventory, you'll feel humilated as you try to schlep your wares, only your friends and family will buy from you out of pity, etc, etc.
One person pointed me to The Pinking Shears organization, a sort of rehab for ex-KayBots and other MLM (multi-level marketing) survivors as some called themselves, for a peek behind the scenes.

For anyone contemplating starting such a business, a few hints that people did share with me:
> think about the product and the possibility for repeat purchases - is the product a consumable people will need to restock frequently? Tupperware, for example, is probably a one time buy and then you're constantly looking for new customers.
> consider the competition out there - other MaryKay, etc, consultants as well as eBay and other online websites through which most everything is available nowadays
> watch for what you will have to invest in inventory and the 'start up kit'
> it seems 'pajama parties' are the hottest ones going - sales consultants tastefully present lingerie along with sex toys, vidoes and other bedroom accessories and advice.

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Maiju said...

I like going to those events where someone is selling something. Those are normally nice social events. I've realized that the best product to sell in those evenings are underwear. I don't like trying bras in a dressing room in some store but if you buy ones without trying... well, they hardly ever are good for you. So I like to go to my friends house when she has the underwear evening. It's nice to go to bedroom and try them on when you have a person to help you and comfortable surroundings. We have a group of friends who regurlarly have underwear evenings in our homes. We always call the same lady and people that come to those evenings know each other. Well, I wouldn't like to be the seller...