Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This week, we're going cheap

Further on the subject of baby tushies and what covers them, this week I've decided to experiment with generic, store-brand diapers.

Afterall, they are just getting tossed and as long as they've done their duty, does it really matter if there are cute Seasame Street or Disney characters printed on them. As a matter of fact, those pictures have puzzled me for some time. I mean, Peanut can't see them. I could care less about them. And, if Peanut did see them, do I really want her attracted to the waistband of her diaper?! Who are they printed on there for, I wonder?

So, first round goes to the Albertson brand since they had a bonus bargain sale last week. A pack for $4.99. When I took them out, they looked remarkably like Pampers - same stretchy sides, same 'velcro-like' tabs, same pale purple figurines dancing around on them. Though, like most knock-offs, I immediately noticed that they were thinner everywhere, a little less stretchie and well, just felt cheaper.

Peanut did not notice a thing. She happily pranced around in them. They stayed on just fine. They did what they were supposed to do just fine. Even at night. My only issue was that they were a bit on the small side. I bought a "4" just like I usually do in the Pampers Cruisers.

Next up -- Kroger brand. These are built more like Huggies. Much less design - only a purple waistband with kitty-cat (or puppy)paw prints - but plenty of puff. Because of the Albertson experience, I went big. No surprise, they are a bit on the large side :-) But, again, working well. Peanut happy. Mama happy.

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