Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Relief for little thumb (finger) suckers

Peanut discovered her thumb when she was just two weeks old. Ever since she hasn't been interested in any sort of pacifier or bottle. In the beginning, we were pretty opposed to her sucking her thumb and tried to switch her over to a pacifier, but she had none of it.

After we accepted the thumb, I came to really appreciate Peanut's ability to calm herself when upset or to lull herself to sleep by sucking on it. We never had to search for, sterilize or in the middle of the night re-insert a pacifier.

Even now at 11 mos, Peanut still loves her thumb. She tends to suck on it when she's hungy, tired, overwhelmed or when she's teething.

My main concern has been how her little thumbs look after a day of sucking....sometimes they are quite red and sometimes the skin gets chapped. I usually then dab a bit of Lanisoh on them. I figure if it works for breastfeeding moms to keep delicate skin conditioned and its OK for babies to put into their mouth, why not. A few Lanisoh treatments gets Peanut's thumbs back in shape.

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