Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pssst, this one is Just Between Friends

It seems like you can always catch a big consignment sale! Coming up is the franchised Just Between Friends sale. These events must a big business for the organizers. In this show, consignors get to keep 70%, ie, organizers get 30% of sales price + $10 consignor fee. Not too bad!

I never made it to the mega Divine Consign, but did check out the mini, local Rockinghorse sale. It was rather small and the pickings were slim and kinda scattered here & there. But, the location could not be beat - just down the street from us. Peanut did get a set of Megablocks for $2 and a few summer play outfits for $4 - $6 so it wasn't a complete wash.

Fortunately for me & Peanut, Just Between Friends has an event in Denton April 21 - 22. The energy required to get there will be minimal since its close by :-)

They also feature a First Time Moms early shop-a-thon.

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