Friday, March 17, 2006

Heritage Park - tulips, swings, goldfish & fountain

This week, we were introduced to the somewhat hidden away Heritage Park in Grapevine. What a treat!

The playground has two playsets - one a mini-version for truly little ones (like Peanut) and the other for 'advanced' players (ie, 2+) - there are swings, a merry-go-round and large trees shading picnic tables and grassy spots.

Right next to the playpark is the Botanical Garden filled now with blooming tulips, pansies and other early spring delights. A fountain with open edges quickly drew the little ones in for splashing until their clothes were drenched. It was a lovely sunny day so everyone dried as we strolled further to see the koi fish and green expanse of lawn perfect for toddling.

Peanut had a blast and slept so soundly after a few hours of fresh air and outdoor excitement.


Rowan said...

That looks like an absolutely splended place to spend a sunny afternoon!

Maiju said...

Ihania kuvia! Niin toisenlaisia kuin täällä. Kurkkaa meidän talvikuvat blogistani. Sain vihdoin taas tehtyä jutun...