Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Give me a 'C' 'h' 'e' 'e' 'r' - what's that spell? DRAMA

For the past few months, a massive controversy has been brewing at a nearby high school over the cheerleading tryouts.

In Texas, cheerleading is more than just rooting on the team for fun. Its serious. Its social capital. And, its something parents -- and evidently school boards -- are hotly involved in.

The latest follow up story in the Dallas Morning News wraps up the drama.
A flurry of accusations, angry phone calls and threatening e-mails, along with spray-painted expletives and trash strewn in families' yards, have marked a three-month fight that the school board sought to end this week.

On Monday, trustees unanimously reversed their previous decision and reinstated all 33 girls who tried out for the Carroll Senior High School varsity cheerleading squad in December.

They said they upheld a January decision by the principal and superintendent to put all the girls on the squad because of a number of discrepancies and deviations from district policy.

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