Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flying with children - words to cause anxiety for any traveller

whether its you as the parent, or your fellow passengers. We all know the feeling when little ones enter the plane especially for a long-haul flight. But, with today's travel options and families sprinkled across continents, air travel with children simply happens.

This summer we will also be flying trans-Atlantic with Peanut and with her so active nowadays, it will be a neccessary evil.

We know its unavoidable that children will get fussy, tired, cranky and cry. I like the parent's rule about flying I read somewhere on another blog:
Its not that your child has to be absolutely still & quiet; your child just needest to be a bit quieter and stiller than the loudest one on board :-)

Here is an excellent list of ideas and insights when preparing for you trip, checking in, boarding, surviving on board, deplaning, handling customs& immigration areas and more from a flight attendant with 13 years of experience:
Flying with Children

She also suggests:

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