Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bring on the Straws and Straw Cups

The other weekend Peanut had her first taste of Mexican food at our local Cozymel's. She nibbled on some chicken mama had and really enjoyed the black beans, fajita shells, cheese and guacamole. I had forgotten her sippy cup so we asked the waiter for a child's menu drink cup with some water.

It was one of the sturdy disposable cups with a straw. Papa did some sucking through the straw imitations for Peanut and then we let her try. At first, it just kinda sat in her mouth. Then she started puckering her mouth around the straw and managed to pull up some water!

This week, I picked up a couple of 'straw cups' from Walmart to see how she would react to those. A friend highly recommended them and I can see why. No spill, the straws fold away to keep clean, and many of the cups can be cooled in the fridge to keep the drinks cold.

Peanut has also taken to her cup. I've never given her any food or drink in the car since I can't reach her when I drive, but today she had her straw cup and happily sipped away. When we reached the park, the cup was nearly empty!

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