Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gourmet Baby Food?

Now that our lives have settled down somewhat, I decided to make some baby food for Peanut at home.

Confession: I'm not a natural cook. I always look at the recipe. And, it doesn't always turn out.

So, I figured I needed some help or Peanut would end up eating sweet potato puree every meal, everyday.

At Barnes&Noble, I didn't find too many baby cookbooks. One that caught my eye because of the fun pictures (especially the little snail shaped chicken patties) was Annabel Karmel's First Meals.

I was impressed with the ease of the dishes; Peanut was, however, not impressed with the taste. Initially at least. She wanted the jar food - not the fresh food made carefully and with love by mama. I was a bit hurt. But, I kept at it and now Peanut happily gulps down the meals.

What was an extra bonus is that Annabel Karmel is a Cordon Bleu chef! Not that I think Peanut needs gourmet baby food, but it sure makes the leftovers tasty enough for me to enjoy :-) On more than one occasion when I've cooked up a big batch for Peanut, I take a serving out for myself and savor a delicious lunch (for a change!).

I make about two dishes of 6 servings each at a time and freeze portions. For the freezer, I found Rubbermaid's Take Along 4 oz containers the ideal size. Courtesy of our local Wal-Mart.

Ms. Karmel also has an informative website chock full of nutritional advice for pregnant and breastfeeding moms as well as babies and children. AND RECIPES!!

I mean, look at this recipe of the week photo...what fun!

We just discovered a great farmer's market to supply the ingredients. Sprouts is a chain spreading out from Arizona. The location in Flower Mound is very convenient. Its an indoor store like your local grocery store, but favors buying produce from local farmers and offers a wide selection of organic products. Not everything is organic, but you'll find all the basics. Plus, the bakery has some fantastic breads!

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