Tuesday, November 22, 2005

With all this sunshine, who needs Vitamin D drops?!

Its a glorious thing to wake up knowing that you don't have to draw open the curtains with a sense of dread in late November. This time of year in Finland is pretty dreary if not down right drab and depressing. Summer is long gone, the sunshine of autumn has faded and a peak out the window in the morning usually looks out into darkness and a sky tucked away behind a thick woolen blanket of impenetrable clouds.

Not in Texas!

We wake up around 6.30 am and it is indeed dark outside - for another 15-20 minutes before the sky begins to slowly glow. By the time, we head out the door, its clearly going to be another sunshine filled day. (and,not to rub it in to my readers located in finland, but its also about +15 - +20 C)

All this prelude, leads to this. I previously wrote about Vitamin D supplements in Finland. When we arrived in Texas, I visited a few local pharmacies trying to find a refill for our drops. I couldn't find any on the shelves and when I asked the pharmacists, they looked at me like I was asking for brandy filled candies for the baby. "Ummm, no, we don't have anything like that. You'd have to get a prescription from your pediatrician...."

Peanut recently had her first well-baby visit at the pediatrician's office. We chose a doctor recommenced by another finnish mom. Evidently, she has had many finnish patients over the years and knew immediately what I was asking about. And, following a quick nod, launched into the reasons why we don't need them here:
> This is not Finland, there is plenty of sunshine here.
> I've never heard of anyone in Texas suffering from rickets (which can be caused by a lack of Vitamin D).

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