Saturday, November 26, 2005

Finnish Babies Healthiest in Scandinavia, but....

From YLE 24

A new study shows that babies in Finland have better health, compared to other Nordic countries. But the evidence also suggests that Finnish children and young people are at higher risk of illnesses and accidents.

Finland has higher rates of suicide amongst young people, and they smoke more than other Nordic countries. The annual report of the Nordic Health and Social Statistics Committees indicated that over 40 percent of Finnish 15 to 16 year olds had smoked tobacco during the previous month.

In addition, children and young people are the victims of more fatal traffic accidents. The rate of increase in diabetes amongst children and young people is also highest in Finland. In addition, illness caused by asthma and allergies are higher.

Statistics showed that Danish young people consume the most alchohol, with 40 percent having enjoyed a drink no less than twenty times a year and over a quarter admitting that they had been drunk at least once during the previous three months.


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