Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bumbo - a bum deal?

This is a look back in time posting as our closet begins to fill with the toys, baby seats, clothes, etc that Peanut has outgrown (already!!!).

For her four-month birthday, we bought Peanut a Bumbo seat from Lastentarvike in Petikko. If you haven't yet heard of Bumbo - its a South African designed baby seat like no other. Your bebe's bum sinks into the soft plastic molded chair and she can lounge as if sitting in a comfy recliner. I have to say Peanut was just adorable in it :-)

I'd read really rave reviews for it in several baby web communities. A google search showed that it had won numerous design and ergonomic awards. Peanut was getting tired of just being in the baby-sitteri so we had plenty of reasons.

And, it was pretty good ... while it lasted. At four months, Peanut - like most babies - could not yet sit on her own even when propped up by pillows, yet she wanted a new perspective on the world. She fit perfectly into the aquamarine Bumbo seat and enjoyed looking around. I would often sit her in front of the hallway mirror and she could chat with the cute little baby looking back at her.

It was also a great little, light weight seat to take along to friends' houses when we went for dinner. Peanut was already flipping back to front, but getting frustrated on her belly so having an alternative to keep her amused was important.

One BIG note of caution here!!! Something about the Bumbo position for the legs will always lead to diaper leaks....I mean big, blowout leaks. More than once, I went to pick her up only to find a puddle of yellow baby poop in the bottom of the seat (with matching stains on Peanut's pants and usually my shirt from where I held her).

The joy of the Bumbo lasted for about 6 - 8 weeks. Peanut wanted more mobility. Better views. She would try to straighten her torso out in the seat, arching her back making it clear she was done with being molded.

But, she then very quickly moved on to good balance when seated on her own. Pillows softened the inevitable topples. I think the Bumbo helped her build her abdominal strength. It was an inadvertant outcome - we hadn't set out to put her in it to build her tiny muscles more quickly.

Long and short of it - we paid 45 euros for the Bumbo. Got some cute cute pictures of Peanut in it. But, probably could have done without it or at least gotten a used one. I can't imagine how a used one could differ from brand new. There are no parts to abuse, break, or lose. Its all plastic - easy to clean. The only damage would be a massive tear which you could see right away.

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