Friday, October 28, 2005

Super-super-super sized strollers take over Scandics

This is a bit late, but I loved this article I came across on a rockin blog by an ultra-hip NYC dad called DaddyTypes. Read it when you can to stay tuned to what's really what in the status-driven world of cosmo-babies -- or just for a laugh :-)

Anyway, this story appeared in the New York Times and was since syndicated in several papers. Its about the Dutch stroller Bugaboo (also available in Helsinki) and how its terrorizing the streets of NYC. Now, for anyone who has seen a Bugaboo, they are actually quite compact, nifty little speedsters when you compare them to the Emaljunga, Tuetonia or even our beloved Mutsy.

Can you imagine what the "childless by choice" would say if those strollers caught on in the cities!!??


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