Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birth Preparation - in English

When I was looking last fall, I found the following:

> my neuvola (Kallio) had information about an English language class held 2x year. it was hosted by a kätilö from the herttoniemi neuvola.

> we ended up going to a class held by the Työväenopisto in Tapiola. It was run by a kätilö from the kätilöopisto (who also happened to be present when our baby was actually born ) and cost about 20 EUR. But, I didn't find the classes terribly useful. It wasn't a 'birth preparation' in the lamaze sense. It was three 2 hr classes about 1) what happens during pregnancy 2)what happens in labor, signs of labor, when to go the hospital, video about a birth 3) how to wash, feed, clothe baby. It was interesting just to review these things together with dad, but no real information that I couldn't find in a book or on a website.


Sweetoow's Mom said...

Could you tell me how i could get in touch with Työväenopisto in Tapiola for these classes.

Classes held at herttoniemi is full they have just one english class and its full.

Peanut's Mom said...

That's pretty typical that the class is full. I was told that for some other sessions. I then just called back another day, spoke to someone else and with a little begging was able to get in :-)

Here's the webpages (IN ENGLISH) for the Työväenopisto:;6623;10948;14160