Tuesday, September 20, 2005

can we really brush these tiny teeth?

Peanut now has her two front, lower teeth bursting out of her gum :-)

they came surprisingly early - the first bump was detected at about 4.5 mos. She had been a bit cranky and I'd asked our doctor at the 4 mos visit when teeth were expected. She answered with a curt "not until 6 mos"...

last week, at our second immunization round at the Nuevola, our nurse admired peanut's little sharp jagged teeth edges and suggested we get a baby toothbrush. Not so much for brushing as just for the ritual of brushing.

at Sokos I found a beginner toothbrush from Jordan. Its baby-sized and has a large round handle (with a hole in the middle for some undetermined purpose!).

Last night we tried it out with Peanut. She just gave us one of those, hmmm, what are my parents doing now looks. Then she reached out for it and i figured let's give her a try. As with most things nowadays, it went straight into the mouth -- key word -- into, not really near the teeth. We quickly grabbed it to prevent her from gagging herself!

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