Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Private Baby Health Insurance

Most of the posts here highlight how efficient and high-quality the Finnish state-run health care system is, but there is also a brisk market for private health care and private health care insurance for babies.

Why private care?

With the neuvolat and state hospitals there is always the possibility of having to wait to get an appointment or to see a doctor. In the case of your own baby, most parents simply want the best care as fast as possible. Or, in case of a serious illness or disease, you want access to specialists and treatments which may be costly and therefore more difficult to get through the state system or on your own

One baby health care insurance provider, Pohjola, offers insurance that can be applied for before the baby is born or then you must wait until the baby is 2 months old and provide a health backgrounder (which could limit the coverage you can then get).

To apply for it in advance of the birth and have coverage which is in effect from that day forward, you must do so before the beginning of the seventh month (ie, three months before the due date). For this insurance, the mother's health and age will impact the available coverage. This insurance is not available to mothers who are 40 or older. It is somewhat more expensive than if you apply for the coverage once the baby turns 2 months, but then he/she is without insurance for the first two months.

Other insurance providers:

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