Monday, July 04, 2005

Baby Drugs or Stocking the First Aid Cabinet

Before Peanut was born, I went to the Apteekki to ask what should I have ready at hand for when the baby arrives. The pharmacist un-helpfully replied "hmmmm, well, 10 years ago when I had my baby we didn't need anything special at home."

I thought better safe than sorry so here are a few items we went ahead and stockpiled:
> baby thermometer - we have one that takes a reading from the ear. I've heard they aren't as sensitive as the good old fashioned rectal ones, but we thought 'quick, easy way to see if she has a fever'
> Neo-Amisept - a general disinfectant. So far, I've used it mainly to clean the changing table by diluting it with some water in a spray-mister (the same one we took the hospital for delivery to spray water in my face :-) I can imagine using this in the future as Peanut starts to stick everything in her mouth to clean off the toys every once in a while.
> Cuplaton - an aptly named medication to help reduce gas bubbles in the stomach.
> Bepanthen an all around skin cream. I've used it mostly on mild diaper rash. Also, a product called Sudocream which a colleague brought from the UK has been very effective for mild rashes.
> Baby fever reliever in supository form - just purchased in preparation for Peanut's upcoming first vaccinations
> cotton pads - used daily! I use them to dry the wrinkles in her skin after a diaper rinse, to wipe her face in the morning, to clean her hands, etc.
> AntiBac - gel hand sanitizer for moments we didn't have a chance to wash our hands before handling Peanut or for guests who wanted to hold her in the early weeks. We put a bottle in the bathroom, in the changing bag and at the changing table.
> Almond oil - yes, just the kind for cooking. We use this as Peanut's baby oil for massage, after bath, for dry patches, or on a cotton pad to wipe her diaper area clean. OK, this didn't come from the Apteekki, but its part of our baby care set.
> A bulbed nose declogger (Pikkuniistäjä) for helping to clear oumucusus for when babies can't yet sneeze properly.

As directed by the Neuvola, we ended up also buying some Klorhexol, a skin disinfectant, to clean out Peanut's belly-button because she had a bit of a 'napa-sieni'.

And for breastfeeding mom:
> Lanisoh cream - an absolute must! When used diligently after every feeding, keeps nipples soothed and properly moistened. Some say you can achieve the same effect by just squeezing a few drops of milk.
> Panadol as an all around pain-reliever approved for breast feeders
> And, for all moms, hopefully you won't need to discover the delights of Xyloproct, a hemorrhoid cream.

There wasn't much else they would recommend for you if you're still breast feeding. When I inquired about allergy medications I could take - the response was that if my doctor approved something that was fine, but they would not recommend anything to me.

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