Sunday, July 17, 2005

Baby Bjorn vs Baby wraps

Now that Peanut is able to hold her own head steady, she's been much more interested in letting mama carry her around in a Baby Björn or her HugaBub baby wrap. We have both because the Björn is on loan from a friend and the baby wrap - well, read on...

Evidently, the baby Björn has gotten some criticism recently because the position of the baby in it puts undue weight on still developing joints. Some believe it is downright unhealthy for infants, whereas the baby wraps allow for a more ergonomic position for babies.

A few discussion boards in finnish about the topic:
Yahoo Group - kantoliinat

I tried Peanut in both from the age of a few weeks - she hated both. It didn't take but seconds for her to break out in tears and crying when I placed her in them. But, I was determined so I kept trying every once in a while. Now at 3 months and with more head control, she enjoys the outward facing position in the Baby Björn. I haven't had the same success with the wrap yet because its been really hot and I think that's made her uncomfortable in the tighter wrap.

Where to Buy in Finland - Baby Wraps

- El Comal
- Baby Bundler
- Hug a Bub
-MiM Sarong
- Nova
- Maya Wrap Sling and Pouch
- Lifter
Shop at Kankurinkatu 5, Helsinki
Katin puoti
- Girasol
-Ultimate Baby Wrap
-Heart 2 Heart
- Pikku-ruu
- Baby Back Tie
Ekokauppa Ruohojuuri
Mannerheimintie 13 A, Helsinki

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