Friday, June 17, 2005

Where to buy

Here's a list of stores selling maternity and baby clothing, equipment, etc.

Our favorites:
Lastentarvike - a chain with stores across Finland. Their mega-store, I believe the largest in Finland, is in Petikko outside of Helsinki
Lindex - a low price store with limited maternity wear and underwear as well as good selection of baby clothes similar to a Target in the US
H&M - has the affordable MaMa line for expectant mothers and also makes mini-sized fashion outfits for baby
Kappahl - expansive baby wear department
IKEA - offers baby furniture, linens, toys and more
Stockmann - of course!
KKKK Supermarkets - diapers, baby clothes, bath tubs, baby wipes, toys, stollers, etc
Etola - toys, toys, toys as well as all sorts of equipment made of plastic (bathtubs, potties, plates, etc)

Some boutiques I've visited (with prices to match!)
Belua in Helsinki (also sells the HugaBub baby wrap)
bebes in Helsinki baby and maternity clothing, books, lotions etc, gifts
Nelliina in Tapiola gifts, photo frames, nursery decor
BamBami in Kämp Galleria a Dutch chain - strollers, car seats, clothing, furniture, gifts

Seimi designer baby furniture
Embia in Lahti clothing, cloth diapers
Pikku Eero sleepsacks, baby wraps, clothing
Pikku Kenguru with several locations furniture, nursery decor, clothing, gifts
Missy Mom
Lasten Verkkopuoti
Pikku Prinssi
Pikku Selma
Pehmo Peput nursing wear, baby wraps, cloth diapers
Jutta natural clothing, baby swim gear, cloth diapers
Lastenturva mega store in Varisto (Vantaa) - baby carriages, etc
Vaavisänky rental baby beds
Vauvatalo Johanna baby stollers, beds, car seats and more
Pienet Ihmiset
Kulta Pieni sleep sacks, baby wraps, cloth diapers, clothing, toys
Liinameri baby wraps, cloth diapers, nursing pillows
Vauva Buumi baby wraps, backpack carriers, cloth diapers
Me & Mama cloth diapers, baby wraps, natural fabrics, maternity wear, toys, baby care products
Vauvatar online shop with baby carriages, stollers, jogger strollers, car seats, feeding chairs, beds, etc
Suomen Lastenvaunutukku wholesaler of baby carriages/stollers featuring some brands out of the ordinary - Koelstra (Dutch), Quinny (Dutch), Princess (German), ABC Design (German), Haberkorn (Austrian), NeoNato (Italian)


EFoppert said...

Thanks for the list. Too bad most of them have no English option. So of the models annoyingly look like preteens, not new moms! Oh well! Now I can try to find stores to shop in! Thanks again!

Peanut's Mom said...

Hi - Glad the list was helpful! It was created so long ago I hope some of the places are still open :-) Good luck with your new family! Peanut's mom