Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Baby advice to get you started

During our two day post partum hospital stay, the nurses and midwives made sure we were ready to face the world as parents.

Some of the advice we received:
> if you're breastfeeding- which it is almost assumed that you will -
- you can eat whatever you like - just do it in moderation and take care to see if anything gives the baby a reaction.
- demand feed your baby. Baby knows when she is hungry and will let you know.
- don't let the baby sleep through a feeding. Even at night you should wake the baby up if she's slept more than 4 hours.
- if you have an oversupply of milk, you can donate to the hospital's 'Milk Bank' that's used for babies whose mothers' can't feed them.

> Bathe the baby only after the umbilical cord stump falls off.

> Baby should go outside only after the two week visit by the midwife to your home. Then for 15 minutes for the first time and 30 mins the second time, etc.

> Baby can easily be carried around if you hook your thumb under its armpit and put her in the crook of your arm.

> This is also the ideal position to hold her when you rinse her between diapers. By rinse, I mean taking baby to the bathroom sink to clean her bum after a dirty diaper. Here we just splash water on her rather than using diaper wipes.

> Baby should wear about the same amount of clothing as you. Except, when you take her out. Don't overbundle,but dress according to what you would wear outside if you were just sitting in the elements. It was recommended that we use an outsuit until the outside temp is at least 20 C.

> be careful not to let baby overheat in the pram, especially during summer. It can get quite warm - put a themometer in there one day just to see for yourself.

If you've got more baby starter advice - pls post a comment!

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